The Pink Panther & Valentine’s Day

Did you say Valentine’s Day? Yes, today it’s the day of love with a big L. Today, we see world in red. Or more in pink… To do so, let’s come back to our childhood with the famous animated seriesThe Pink Panther”.


Pink Panther appears on TV

  • The animated series

The program “The Pink Panther” was created by Friz Freleng et David DePatie en 1964. The big cat appeared the first time at cinema during the movie “The Pink Panther” from Blake Edwards in 1963.

Next, the series “The Pink Panther” goes out between 1969 and 1979. In ten years, we can count more than 300 episodes in cinema and TV.

We can’t speak about the Valentine’s Day without speaking about the famous episode of  “The Pink Panther” named “Pink at First Sight”. In this episode from the early 80s, which is based on Valentine’s Day, “The Pink Panther” dreams to find the ideal female partner.

To responds to the needs of his future, the animal become runner for a gift company during the Valentine’s Day. But, during each delivery, “The Pink Parher” multiplies the catastrophes. After multiple twists, he meets finally the ideal feline partner.

The Pink Panther likes kissing his partner before reproduction. He’s the first fawn know for that
  • Valentine’s Day in Music

« The Pink Panther Theme », the well-known opening of “The Pink Panther”, is played in each episode since its creation. It is imagined by Henry Manini. This opening known all over the world can be played in a loop in our mind for a day… It was first created for the movie by Blake Edwards. If you have forgotten this song, let’s refresh memory just here. Don’t thank me, it’s free!

The cartoon “The Pink Panther” remains today a reference that goes through generations without becoming old-fashioned. We have different types of stories with an humour that can touch children as adults. This animal is so naive, calm, but also so funny and indisputable likeable. Nevertheless, in each short movie, his fawn’s instinct emerges when he’s fighting.

Fun fact

Because of his aspect, “The Pink Panther” can be assimilated to a Florida panther. He’s part of the pumas’ family. Soon, we will write an article about this cat.


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