Black Panther photographed in Africa 110 years later!

It’s time for Panther Press !

it took more than hundred years, but the 14th february 2019 the world discovered new pictures of a black panther. Since few hours, Instagram is on fire: multiple pictures of a female clouded leopard were taken in the Loisaba Wildlife Reserve. To do so, a commando operation was made by the scientists of the kenyan reserve. After having located the presence of the fawn in february 2018, the scientists put eight spy cam in the area. Three months later they get the first pictures of the black panther.

#BlackPanther Buzz

Hours after the publishing of the panther’s pictures on the social networks, Nicholas Pilford, searcher at San Diego Zoo and well-known for its writing about the fawn, has been contacted by numerous medium through the world. The french reporter from Europe 1 succeded to get some words too : “there is no other beautiful pictures like this from now”. For him, the pictures of the black clouded panther are the best from far. The reason? First, the number: there is a diminution of reproduction year after year, because the leopards are hunted for their fur. So they avoid every contact with human. Finally, in the internet’s era, these pictures offer a unique immersive aspect that shocks all the viewer: we could almost believe that the black panther will start walking, isn’t?

Look that beautiful picture of a black panther took by the San Diego Zoo!

An hope for the reproduction of black panther?

In the office of Reproduction des Panthères, we will celebrate this event with a new comics of Léo! Stay tuned! We hope that these images of big cat alert us on the problematics linked to their reproduction and their protection, more than just remain a fleeting trend.

Do not hesitat to see more pictures and follow the Instagram account of San Diego Zoo!

See you next week for a new Panther Press!

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