Wiki-Panther #1: What is a panther?

Introduction : a panther and a leopard that sweetened our childhood

Dear felines’ friends, hello!

Before dealing with our friendly animals, I allow me to speak about two characters well-known.

I think that during our childhood, everyone had probably caught a Disney Fever. Thanks to this calm period, you surely saw two felines appeared on our screens. First, Bagheera, the black panther in The Jungle Book, friend and mentor of Mowgli, and then Sabor, the leopard that killed Tarzan’s parents.

However, do you really know these two animals?

In fact, even if their respective coat are different, Bagheera with his black fur and Sabor with his yellow’s one speckled of black and orange, these are both panthers.

reproduction des panthere - Sabor

reproduction des panthères - baghera

Click on the panthers to come back in childhood


Let’s clarify one thing: the panther and the leopard are the same species. In fact, it exists only one difference between them: their coat.


So yes, Bagheera and Sabor are kind like cousins! (laugh)

Now, are you lost? Do you ask yourself what is a panther, then? I’m going to explain that in this article.


What is a panther?

The panthers, whose the name comes from the latin expression Panthera pardus, or the leopards belong to the under-specie of pantherines. This family of pantherines contains in all seven different species.

When a panther presents a coloured fur (black stains on yellow skin or chamois brown, for example), the experts name them leopard. On the other side, if a leopard births with a dark coat, because of a genetic mutation called melanism, we use the expression black panther.

The animal is especially present in Africa and Asia. It lives and developpes in woody spaces or semi-desertic regions.

These felines are naturally very muscular and have a long tail bended upwards. This little detail permit us to avoid any confusion with other feline. Thanks to their strong muscles, they run fast and swim without problem. Finally, with their claws, they can climb big trees to catch preys or sleep.


The males one weigh between 37 and 90 kg when the females weigh 28 and 60 kg. They measure between 1 and 1.6 meter.

Notice that the panthers are carnivores. Also, they eat a lot of flesh’s mammals and dare attack animals heavier than them.

Finally, the life expectancy of panthers places between 20 and 30 ans. About their reproduction’s system, it is variable along their whole life and depends strongly of their environment.

I hope this little introduction about the panthers pleased you. Do not hesitate to come back frequently on the Wiki-Panther, because we will deal with other subjects on our friends the felines. Meanwhile, find out more info on the Wiki-Panther!


See you soon, Panther-Lovers !

The team “Reproduction des Panthères

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