The Leopard Print in fashion

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Timeless, reference, the leopard print do its comeback in the fashion field. Recurring with the creators, approved by Cristian Cordula et Karl Lagerfeld, it imposes like the last trend this winter, as ready-made clothes as accessories.

How wear the leopard print?

Must-have on clothes or in small detail with an accessorie, the leopard print has necessarily a little place in your wardrobe. If you want to be feline like us, here are some advices to wear the leopard print without being seen as a vulgar person!


reproduction des pantheres - blouse leopard reproduction des pantheres - jean reproduction des pantheres talon



reproduction des pantheres - combinaisonreproduction des pantheres - talon



reproduction des pantheres - jacket reproduction des panthere - pull over  reproduction des pantheres - jeans leopard print



The leopard print in luxe field


You have understood, the leopard print is become iconic in the luxe field! In fact, Christian Dior democratizes it during the 1950s. Nowadays, it must be noted that the leopard pattern imposes among the designers as Yves Saint-Laurent or Isabel Marant. Above all, to Dolce&Gabanna that presents this winter a collection entirely dedicated to the roses and the leopard print.

Elegant, bold, the famous Italian brand claims a lifestyle “made in Italy” and designs with the leopard print the very best outfits. On adore!

reproduction des pantheres - dolce gabana leo

The collection is named #D&GLeo

The french luxury brand “Givenchy”, presented multiple outfits panther during the Haute Couture Show Paris in 2007. Riccardo Tisci presented multiple pieces dedicated to the leopard print on jacket and trousers.

Then, Fendi show regularly some silk scarfs with leopard print. Since 1965, the famous dressmaker Karl Lagerfeld was the creative director of Fendi along Silva Venturini Fendi.

Karl Lagerfeld aka the fashion gourou passed away in February 19th 2019. He has left his trace on the Parisian fashion sphere and around the world.

Through this article, we pay a tribute to Karl Lagerfeld and his genius, that he takes with him forever.

Let’s finish this PantherPress with a line made in Karl Lagerfeld : “Jogging pants are a symbol of defeat. You have already lost the control of your life, so you wear jogging pants”

See you next week for more feline news made in reproductiondespanthè !

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