WikiPanther #2: The Clouded Panther

General Characteristics

The clouded panther or traditionnaly mainland clouded panther is a feline largely located in south-west asian tropical forests : from Nepal until China.

Clouded Panther asleep


The clouded panther distintiveness are:

  • average height: between 50 and 60 cm at the withers
  • short paws
  • a long tail: between 70 and 90 cm

Thanks to its long tail, the clouded panther is an arboreal felin. In fact, this tail allows it to easily create a balance system to stabilize its body on a branch of a tree.

A discrete Panther

The clouded panther, more than being an endangered species, spends a lot of time hid. It’s rare to sight them or take photo of them in their natural environment. That was the case in february 2019. We deal with it in this article!

Moreover, these panthers live generally  at night!

For example, in 1989 in Nepal, some clouded panthers have been photographed. That was the first time since 1863.


Poaching and habitat loss

The IUCN  (International Union for Conservation of Nature) classifies this species as vulnerable.

The situation of clouded panthers is crucial.

Indeed, it remains less than 10 000 members of this species and this number will decrease during the next years.

This disappearance can be explained by an habitat loss of the panther.

In fact, a big part of the forest, in which this species lives, is suffering a massive deforestation by the human in order to built new habitations and fields for agriculture. All these things plays against the reproduction of panthers.


Do you like clouded pathers as us? Discover more about them with a video just here!

Little spoiler: in this video, there are baby panthers…


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