The Panther in advertisement

From the outset, the panther is ubiquitous in the universe of brand content, through jewellery and fashion. Little overview of differents ads

The Panther in jewellery universe

  • “The Odyssey of Cartier”

At Cartier, the panther is more than a symbol. This is an emblematic icon from the beginning of the brand! The jeweller was born in 1847 by Louis-François Cartier. Cartier is the first jeweller that links femininity and feline. The symbol of panther can be associed to the the director of the company from 1933: Jeanne Toussaint.

In 2012, for the 165 years of the brand, Cartier produced a movie ad tracing its history and values. Entitled “The Odyssey of Cartier”, this spot was produced by Publicis. In this way, the panther becomes an object of all the desires and embodies elegance. With a 4 million euro budget, the goal of this advertisement is to communicate about their universe.

reproduction des pantheres - cartier

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In this continuity of “Odyssey of Cartier“, Cartier launched a second commercial spot, during the end of the year 2012. We could see two baby panthers playing in a magic universe inspired from Christmas.

  • Perfume “The Panther”

The brand Cartier created few years ago the perfume “The Panther” adressed to feline women, mysterious and sensual. Its creator is Mathilde Laurent, perfumer for Cartier. At the heart of the flask, we can describe a sculpture representing a panther, symbolizing the power.

For each perfume, an ad is produced! The ad for the perfume “The Panther” was produced by Sean Ellis and films the model Erin Wasson on the Bir Hakeim bridge in Paris. We can see her wandering under a beautiful parisian night. Erin was chosen to represent this perfume because of her look so feline, assimilated to a beautiful panther.


The Panther in fashion

The black panther is part of the animals extremely appreciated because of its beauty and rarity. We find the black cat in ad campaigns for the famous italian brand Valentino. For the collection FW 18, a black panther is praised alongside models, Vittoria Ceretti and Adut Akeck. The fawn sublimes Valentino’s creations, in a sumptuous background : the Château de Voisins in the Yvelines, France.

reproduction des panthere - valentino 1 . reproduction des panthere - valentino 2

You don’t know the difference between panther and leopard? Its system of reproduction or education? I advice you to read this article!

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