WikiPanther #4: The Snow Panther

Today, in WikiPanther, let’s discover the Snow Panther and his way of reproduction.



The Snow Panther, also called Panthera uncia, Once or Irbis is a leopard that belongs to the Pantherina. (If you don’t know the difference between Panther and Leopard, read this article). Physically, the Snow Panther presents an average height reaching maximum one meter. His beautiful fur is brown sprinkled with little black stains.

The Snow Panthers‘ diet plan changes through the seasons. Naturally carnivorous, the Snow Panthers feed inter alia of big bharal, marmots or pheasants. This fawn eats at dawn alone, twice or thrice a month, from preys weighing twice his weight.

To observe them in his naturel environment, you must plane to central Asia. More precisely, in China, country where we count the bigger number of snow felines. Isolated in mountainous regions between 1000 and 6000 meter of altitude, this big cat is extremely hard to follow in his natural state. His pelt permits him to live in very cold climates.

Nevertheless, in France, it’s possible to admire one Snow Panther in Parc des Félins. This park

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