WikiPanthère #10 : The Black Panther

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Today, let’s talk about the beautiful and rare Black Panther.

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Presentation of Black Panther

Before, the black panther was considered as an entire species but it’s not the case nowadays.

Why? Because it have a specific fur.

Indeed, a black panther is actually a leopard with a dark fur. This black fur is due to melanism, a genetic mutation: it creates a black fur, even if there are some spots, we can see them only on some angles. It’s a variation of the leopard’s camouflage.

Black Panther’s Lifestyle

The Black Panther is a mammal carnivore belonging to the felines’ family.

We can find them especially in Malaysia, India, Java and Sumatra Islands. Theses panthers like the tropical and humid forests as the Bengal one.

Plus, it feeds essentially of raw meat. However, the little ones can’t eat solid foods, that’s why parents chew for them in order to tenderize it.

Out of the period of reproduction, the black panthers are solitary and don’t live in pack. Nevertheless, they are easy to domesticate.


Physical characteristics of Black Panther

The black panther is a quadruped: it’s very strong and agile, runs fast (approximately 65 km/h), swims very well and climb to trees where it sleeps. It’s a very robust and muscular feline.

The tall of an adult variates between 1,60 meter and 2 meters. Its tail mesures between 60 and 110 cm. The male weighs 70 kg and the female 50 kg. Generally, the female are smaller than the male.


Reproduction of Black Panthers

The panthers become sexually mature at 3 years old.

The season of reproduction occurs in spring and for 15 days. During this season, the male and female are reunited. Next, the male leaves the female and it cares of the babies alone.

Because of that, the period of gestation lasts 90 days and the female can give birth of 2 or 3 panthers.

After 2 years with their mother, the baby panthers are weaned. When they become adult, they go live alone in their own territory.

In terms of life expectancy, the black panther can live until 20 years.


Famous Black Panthers

To finish, let me present you some famous black panthers:

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