WikiPanthère #10 : The Black Panther


Dear friends of felines, hello! If you’re on our website today, it’s obviously that you love felines and more precisely panthers! Today, let’s talk about the beautiful and rare Black Panther. Presentation of Black Panther Before, the black panther was considered as an entire species but it’s not the case…

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WikiPanther #4: The Snow Panther

reproduction des panthères - panthère des neiges

Today, in WikiPanther, let’s discover the Snow Panther and his way of reproduction.   Generalities The Snow Panther, also called Panthera uncia, Once or Irbis is a leopard that belongs to the Pantherina. (If you don’t know the difference between Panther and Leopard, read this article). Physically, the Snow Panther…

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WikiPanther #2: The Clouded Panther

reproduction des panthere nebuleuse

General Characteristics The clouded panther or traditionnaly mainland clouded panther is a feline largely located in south-west asian tropical forests : from Nepal until China.   The clouded panther distintiveness are: average height: between 50 and 60 cm at the withers short paws a long tail: between 70 and 90 cm Thanks…

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Wiki-Panther #1: What is a panther?

reproduction des panther wiki panthere 1

Introduction : a panther and a leopard that sweetened our childhood Dear felines’ friends, hello! Before dealing with our friendly animals, I allow me to speak about two characters well-known. I think that during our childhood, everyone had probably caught a Disney Fever. Thanks to this calm period, you surely saw…

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